Summerhill School, The Principal

An interview with Zöe Readhead.

Something of an oasis of sanity to many, especially to kids like me, who needed a sense of stability and community, as an example of a more fully functional, but slightly alternative, and also very healthy and practical way of educating kids.

A short preview from a full length interview with, Zöe Readhead, which will be published in the Summer of 2020. A fascinating interview from the daughter of Ena and A.S. Neill. Zoë talks about the physical and organisational changes in the educational approach at Summerhill over the years, from a generational perspective. She also elaborates on how, as an alternative establishment, best to deal with bureaucratic government agencies from an administrative point of view – in order to come out on top, as well as the events leading up to the court case and the tv series ‘Summerhill’. Zoë also talks in detail about the events dramatised in the tv series ‘Summerhill’ (Dir. Jon East), when the school was subjected to several visits from Ofsted inspectors, who told Zoë to fundamentally change the school’s educational approach and philosophy or to be prepared to face closure. The school and its students responded by raising funds to hire a top barrister in order to challenge and overturn the judgment in the courts, which they successfully managed to do.
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