Music Spotlight – Stephanie Rainey. ‘100 Like Me’

We have a podcast interview with Stephanie Rainey who, according to Jason Rothberg, the organising producer of the recent Golden Stone Years tribute to Brian Jones concert, ‘stole the show’ at the 2019 Autumn concert.

Her new single, 100 Like Me, which is about speaking up about mental health issues, is a tense but animated anthem which was released in Ireland and is still new to the U.S. and the UK. Given the company Stephanie was keeping at the Golden Stone Years concert – which included the likes of Donovan, The Stranglers and The Waterboys – Stephanie is no shrinking violet on stage and definitely a live act worth checking out.

Stephanie Rainey, Singer Songwriter. Alt-Generations, whole interview Youtube (27:40 Min)

Hailing from Cork in Ireland and having struggled for years to get recognition, in 2015 Stephanie released an emotionally powerful song and video, Please Don’t Go, which was about her brother who, sadly, died of cancer. The video and song quickly went viral and notched up a few million views online. Since then Stephanie’s career has been going from strength to strength and after Donovan and his wife Linda saw her at a concert in Ireland they invited her to perform at the Golden Stone tribute concert for Brian Jones.

Nothing of You Left to Love – Stephanie Rainey

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