‘Brian Jones: Butterfly in the Park’ Photographer Michael Cooper

Interview Trailer: Adam and Cynthia Cooper’s intro to Butterfly In Park, the book. Voice and Music by C. Weber

My lead-in narration is written by Adam and Sylvia Cooper and is the introduction to ‘Brian Jones: Butterfly in The Park’, their recently released limited edition photo book which features Michael Cooper’s remarkable photography.

The book includes text contributions from Donovan and his wife Linda Leitch (Brian’s ex-partner), Julian Leitch (Brian’s son with Linda) and Joolz Jones, Brian’s grandson, a talented musician and songwriter in his own right.

Adam and his wife Sylvia have published the limited edition version of the book on their own, no small feat. Previous books on Michael’s iconic work, like ‘Blinds and Shutters’, were published by Genesis press. The limited edition release of ‘Butterfly in The Park’ sold out almost immediately.

Full Interview with Adam Cooper – 34 Min

As a result, they are negotiating with several publishers for a general release version of the book, which should arrive once production resumes after the chaos of the recent pandemic settles. I’ve tried to keep the interview edit focused on Michael Cooper, Brian Jones and the book, while for me personally connecting with Adam Cooper was fascinating on a few levels, especially from a generational and cultural standpoint. It seems we have childhood experiences in common.

Author: Altgenerations

I'm a creative and worked mostly as a freelancer editing commercials, film, documentaries. Increasingly I am writing and developing New Media. I do voiceovers, music, writing and production. Have had some music in film and representation through Getty's Pump Audio division.

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