Super Agent Who Left Hollywood to Write

One agent represented the talent for these fascinating films: Maggie Abbott.

According to the agent, the initial choice to play the central character in ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ was Peter O’Toole until Maggie, this agent – now retired and writing books in the desert near Palm Springs – suggested Bowie was the only guy made for the role.

She also represented Jagger and I believe Nick Roeg for ‘Performance’. Of the making of that film she said, the experience deeply traumatised Edward Fox, who took a sabbatical from acting in films of almost a decade before he recovered fully.

‘The Stuntman’ is another amazing story and read – as a book – playing with ideas of reality and perception, when a guy on the run, closely pursued by authorities, stumbles across a movie set in the middle of the night and nowhere and decides to hide himself as a crew member, ‘in broad daylight’ as it were. His saviour and nemesis is the satanic Svengali director figure – Peter O’tool – another client of this mysterious agent.The treatment looks a bit like a TV film, as opposed to a twisted but subtle trip which it should be, but still fascinating as a story.

The Acid King, a book by Maggie, is a fascinating account of how – unbeknownst to her, until she invited Marianne Faithful to her boyfriend at the time’s party – she came to be dating the man who set up the police raid on Redlands:

Author: Altgenerations

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