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‘Shine a Light’ – a good number of downloads and clearly interest. Perhaps newly in regard to another brilliant lost stone. But would need clearance to legalise or ensure the artists get their due, commercially.
‘Angel’ by Hendrix. A very simple cover I made, people seem to show interest in. The downloads are curious – very basic covers – but legally I need to resolve any copyright issues, and pay for mechanical licensing. I have zero interest in piracy at all.

Most are audio and MP3 downloads, although it makes me wonder how many people are copying/downloading text from articles and the book. It seems to show a market for digital downloads. Surprisingly a demand for reinterpretations I’ve recorded in addition to the book and/or articles – the main aim for the site.

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I'm a creative and worked mostly as a freelancer editing commercials, film, documentaries. Increasingly I am writing and developing New Media. I do voiceovers, music, writing and production. Have had some music in film and representation through Getty's Pump Audio division.