Welcome and thank you!

To a new supporter, Leslie.

Also, in case I haven’t done so yet, thank you to Julian and Paul-Francoise.

I welcome any input on the site and the direction of the content – which I think is ok – and the marketing, which I suspect needs a concerted social media campaign, a business partner or a marketing budget.

Along with finishing the book, A Ragamufin’s Tale in October, I have plans to adapt the site to include articles and training on more modern digital forms of storytelling. Including Marketing and copywriting; Data Visualisations and Forensic Architecture (reconstructions used in settling Human Rights cases at the the ICC); Digital Activism – primarily environmental – using balloon mounted digital sensors and wifi hotspots (to communicate and overcome firewalls).

It will still retain the existing areas of focus on counterculture and interviews with writers, film makers and musicians, but will hopefully offer insight into cutting edge forms as well. Most of these are from my area of study for a Research Master’s in Digital Arts and Technology at Plymouth University.

Author: Altgenerations

I'm a creative and worked mostly as a freelancer editing commercials, film, documentaries. Increasingly I am writing and developing New Media. I do voiceovers, music, writing and production. Have had some music in film and representation through Getty's Pump Audio division.