Research: Data-driven Interactive Documentary, by C. Weber

As part of research for a Master’s at Plymouth U. Data-driven and interactive documentary models, using limited and selective branching narratives to explore and illustrate certain key story points, rather than getting lost in the possibilities. These can range from simple but immersive explorative educational formats for teaching history to kids, to more adult, data-driven immersive documentary reconstructions analysing the forces at play on both sides of a given social or political equation at some point of civil conflict.

Optimum Health Institute

Rebuilding Our Immune System – A Time to Heal

The Optimum Health Institute, San Diego. There is morning exercise, meditation, optional workshops for organisation and even group solidarity and trust building exercises. At the end of the stay there is a weekend of music, spoken word and other performance. I probably had more fun there than I’ve ever had on a traditional holiday, just because it made me feel so healthy, happy and good.

‘An Unusual Life’, London & Summerhill 1975

Summerhill School, they say, is the happiest place on earth. It is also the most famous democratic school in the world, founded by the Scottish educator A. S. Neill. …. Should a child show antisocial behaviour what was sometimes done is that the other children would remark on the good qualities of this child, to show them they were loved and trusted. Although most of us at first seemed sceptical about this approach, it worked more often than not.

‘An Unusual Life’. Return to England 1974 – London via Amsterdam.

After half an hour of driving around we arrived in the centre of Amsterdam and stopped by some traffic lights. A small hatchback pulled up beside us on Taffy’s side. Taffy asked me to hand him a brown bag, which I did, while looking over. I saw there were four guys in the car and I watched Taffy hand the bag to the driver. The bag must have weighed two to three kilos. In exchange they handed him an envelope and both parties drove away when the traffic lights turned green. Few words, if any, had been spoken.