Africa to Denmark – 1973. Danish Roots – Song for WW2

Freetown Christiania, in Copenhagen, is an area of about 19 acres separated from the rest of Copenhagen by a canal. We lived there for a short while when we first arrived in Copenhagen. There my brother and I made fast friends and picked up the language quickly, hanging out with a group of good natured and mischievous boys we met outside the cultural centre by one of the main canals. With them we would explore the remarkable city of Copenhagen and Christiania, with its dope and crepes selling vans. Through doors left open after parties we would creep into flats, retrieve empty bottles and sell them to the shops for pennies, which we’d use to buy ciggies.

Spain to Switzerland and Timothy Leary. ‘An Unusual Life’, by C. Weber

After we leave Joanna and she and Timothy Leary have started their affair in a hotel in a ski resort, they fly off to Lebanon, a place where Joanna spent time as a teenage celebrity tv presenter. There she shows him the town before they fly to Afghanistan, where their dreams and honeymoon are brutally cut short by U.S. federal agents who arrest Timothy and Joanna. They are extradited to the States where Tim is incarcerated and so begins Joanna’s monumental effort to get him released.

Exile – ‘An Unusual Life’, by C. Weber

When I was six years old my brother and I were page boys at the wedding of Mick Jagger and Bianca. The role for Marlon, my brother and me was to wait for the appropriate moment and then each hand Bianca an oversized flower and kiss her. Jake did his bit, I did mine, but when it came to Marlon he refused to hand her the flower. I think because of the mixed feelings his parents had about the match, which as a very young boy, maybe no more than three years old, he must have picked up on. Sensing a need for action I stepped up, took the flowers from Marlon and kissed the stunning lady for a second time.

Charlotte Rampling, Smuggling, the Hippy Trail – ‘An Unusual Life’, by C. Weber

Around this time Charlotte Rampling was my stepmother. We lived in a place called ‘The Studio’ in Hugh Street. She and my father travelled to the East to pick up a damaged London to Sydney Mercedes works rally car and drive it back to Europe along the hippy trail. Of course my father filled the car with hash and even though they had papers from Mercedes they only just made it back through the border crossings and past highly suspicious customs officers by the skin of their teeth.

Albert Hall 1969 - Where I met Jimi Hendrix

Growing Up on the Wild Side – ‘An Unusual Life’ – by C. Weber

I met Jimi Hendrix when I was five years old. My father, Tommy, introduced my brother and me to him backstage before the show in the Albert Hall in 1969. Jimi hoisted me up on his shoulders and ran around the dressing room with me. And then, presumably too excited to contain myself, at some point during the performance I ran onto the stage and whispered something in his ear. Who knows what I said.