Spain to Switzerland and Timothy Leary. ‘An Unusual Life’, by C. Weber

Our father’s mix of rare good looks and wildness at times led to self-destructive behaviour. The easiest comparison I might make is Brad Pitt’s character in the movie ‘A River Runs Through It’. Tommy was a gambler and he was as good-looking as Brad Pitt’s character in the film, where the father and family are clueless as to why anyone with so much going for them should be stuck in those kinds of patterns.

Charlotte Rampling, Smuggling, the Hippy Trail – ‘An Unusual Life’, by C. Weber

Around this time Charlotte Rampling was a stepmother of sorts. We lived together in a place called ‘The Studio’ in Hugh Street. She and my father travelled to the East to pick up a damaged London to Sydney Mercedes works rally car and drive it back to Europe along the hippy trail. Of course my father filled the car with hash and even though they had papers from Mercedes they only just made it back through the border crossings and past highly suspicious customs officers by the skin of their teeth.

Albert Hall 1969 - Where I met Jimi Hendrix

Growing Up on the Wild Side – ‘An Unusual Life’ – by C. Weber

Introductory Issue No. 1. ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ was a huge deal culturally and musically, but it also had special significance in our young lives. Our father Tommy secured a contract from the Beatles to produce any film released of the same name as the record. He did this in a business venture with the guys who shot and edited the original clip for the song ‘A Day in The Life’.