Mim Scala Interview – Manager, Explorer Extraordinaire and Agent

Mim became one of the leading artist’s agents in music and film in London from the 60s onwards. He put together director and talent for the film Sympathy for the Devil for producer Michael Pearson’s company Cupid Productions. Mim then set out for Morocco in search of the roots of Blues music, a trip he’d planned to undertake with his friend Brian Jones, before the legendary musician passed away. Michael and Cupid went on to produce the classic car-chase movie Vanishing Point, an iconic piece of Noir somehow pure in its portrayal of a modern driven but also random world.

John de Borman

John de Borman BSC – Prepping a Directorial Debut and The Impact of Covid on Film

John de Borman, as director of photography, has worked on Serendipity, The Full Monty, Saving Grace and Quartet, among others. John talks about how lockdown has affected him personally and the film industry as a whole; as well as how he’s been been putting downtime to good use, preparing to direct his own first feature film: ‘The Bull’.


Jon East – Director. ‘The Last Kingdom’ and ‘Summerhill’ – now on Amazon.

The Summerhill series is now available on Amazon Prime. Exciting news! Also from our November Issue, the director of ‘Summerhhill’, ‘The Last Kingdom’ and ‘Magritte’ talks openly about his film making craft and the process from concept to execution of high-end series and tv work. Jon also dramatised the series ‘Summerhill’, about the battle between the school and Ofsted.