Fly Drive Loop of Northwest U.S.A.

Speechless we stared into a valley a thousand feet or so below us. There between the dappled sunlight, which came down in late afternoon shafts, was a strangely private looking scene of outstanding natural beauty, with deer grazing happily. It was like looking back into another time or, more specifically, like one of the stories I’d read about when Geronimo took to the mountains and hid from the federal forces in a secret valley.

Growing Up On The Wild Side – ‘An Unusual Life’, by C. Weber

Introductory Issue No. 1. ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ was a huge deal culturally and musically, but it also had special significance in our young lives. Our father Tommy secured a contract from the Beatles to produce any film released of the same name as the record. He did this in a new business partnership venture with the guys who shot and edited the original clip for the song ‘A Day in The Life’.

Online: Feeling the Format

What we have lined up, in terms of new content over the next month, is an interview with director Jon East – which is up – and a bunch of other new material, which will be released on a weekly basis. These include an interview with Gothic Blues artist, Ledfoot, as well as a new chapter in the E-Book about growing up behind the scenes in entertainment, in this case also film, about a period when Charlotte Rampling was a sort of stepmother to my brother and me and my father was increasingly active in bringing in contraband to the UK from the East.