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Music Spotlight – Lola Lennox ‘In The Wild’.

Interview with singer songwriter Lola Lennox. Lola is releasing her debut single, ‘In The Wild’, in early February of this year, 2020. A phenomenally talented singer and songwriter working with innovative producers and co-writers, both in London and L.A., notably Jon Green. Lola is the daughter of Annie Lennox. However, I suspect that soon enough she’ll be recognised as an artistic force in her own right.

Exile – ‘An Unusual Life’, by C. Weber

When I was six years old my brother and I were page boys at the wedding of Mick Jagger and Bianca. The role for Marlon, my brother and me was to wait for the appropriate moment and then each hand Bianca an oversized flower and kiss her. Jake did his bit, I did mine, but when it came to Marlon he refused to hand her the flower. I think because of the mixed feelings his parents had about the match, which as a very young boy, maybe no more than three years old, he must have picked up on. Sensing a need for action I stepped up, took the flowers from Marlon and kissed the stunning lady for a second time.

Fly Drive Loop of Northwest U.S.A.

Speechless we stared into a valley a thousand feet or so below us. There between the dappled sunlight, which came down in late afternoon shafts, was a strangely private looking scene of outstanding natural beauty with deer grazing happily. It was like looking back into another time, like in one of the stories I’d read about when Geronimo took to the mountains and hid from the federal forces in a secret valley.