Fly Drive Loop of Northwest U.S.A.

Speechless we stared into a valley a thousand feet or so below us. There between the dappled sunlight, which came down in late afternoon shafts, was a strangely private looking scene of outstanding natural beauty with deer grazing happily. It was like looking back into another time, like in one of the stories I’d read about when Geronimo took to the mountains and hid from the federal forces in a secret valley.

Music Spotlight – Stephanie Rainey. ‘100 Like Me’

Hailing from Cork in Ireland, in 2015 Stephanie released an emotionally powerful song and video, ‘Please Don’t Go’, about her brother who, sadly, died of cancer. The video and song quickly went viral and notched up a few million views online. Since then Stephanie’s career has been going from strength to strength and after Donovan and his wife Linda saw her at a concert in Ireland they invited her to perform at the Golden Stone tribute concert for Brian Jones.

'An Unusual Life' Charley Weber

Alt-Generations – C. Weber/We Are Juan Music (Ascap)

I have always been a musician, a writer and composer with some music in film and documentaries. But I work mostly in film and multimedia. At a certain point – if doors are opening like they seem to with this project – you have to put your ego aside and listen to what people are feeding back to you. I hope ‘An Unusual Life’ is a result of that, of a kid watching and listening, but after that talking mostly about other people and their behaviour, not actually about myself much at all.