We hope to develop a place for unique music, travel, fashion and designer products and services.

We have partnered with a few affiliate programs in some of these areas, but would like to develop the identity, and lead with content before focusing too much on the commerce side.

I’ve lived mostly in the U.S.A, Turkey and also the U.K., but travelled widely. If you want to get to Catalina, LAX is the best airport. For flights and hotels visit One Travel.

Here are a couple of places I’ve bought from: Home & Garden – Ashley HomestoreFurniture Village UKGarden Furniture Centre

Music equipment is a big area, but I’ve mostly bought equipment, guitars, keys, and even computers from the Guitar Center in L.A. That includes the Fender Stratocaster I had for years, although I now use a Fender Mustang. I’ve always had a good experience with them, and they ship to and have online departments in Europe.